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What is broadband?

You probably have some idea about Broadband. Even if you don’t, you know that it has something to do with the internet. Broadband connects you to the internet. Where you can do your favourite stuff like watching Netflix and playing games. Broadband allows data and information to be carried at a very high speed from the internet to your PC or any other device. Broadband has revolutionized the use of the internet by replacing the older “Dial-up” connection. Today when you do your broadband speed test. The results surprise you because overall internet speed has boosted than it was ten years ago. Now You speed test might show you have internet speed more than 5 Mbps. But in past, it would have been a little hard to imagine. The reason was very slow Dial-up connection. Dial-up still remains the least expensive and slowest internet connection...Read More

Internet Speed Test?

Internet speed test is used to measure the speed of users’ internet connection per time. This is made possible through the collaboration of Google and Measurement Lab (M-Lab), however, other vendors like are also able to help determine an internet user’s speed in real time. Your IP address is shared with vendors to help determine and compare your internet speed with others but no other information is shared...Read More

How to Increase Internet Speed ?

Are you having problems with your internet? Do you have to deal with slow internet and the web pages take ages to load? Well, waiting can be the most frustrating thing ever, but every problem has its solution...Read More

The best internet for streaming

Do you know what’s meant by internet streaming? If yes do you understand how to check the best internet for streaming? Internet streaming is a technology where the data is transmitted through the internet to any electronic gadget which can access internet. Example the smartphones, computers and computer based devices...Read More

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